Liquids and gases produced from oil and gas wells are corrosive to production equipment and facilities. Corrosion is influenced by acid gases (e.g., CO2, H2S), oxygen, pH, microbial activity, temperature, pressure, and other factors. Perfex offers a diverse line of water and oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors, and combination corrosion/scale inhibitors. We provide product recommendations based on actual field conditions, product selection expertise, and performance testing.


When produced to the surface, formation waters undergo significant changes in equilibrium, resulting in instability and the precipitation of solids. The primary mineral scales seen in producing oil and gas wells are calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, iron sulfide, and sodium chloride. Perfex offers complete scale risk assessment and a full suite of scale control products.


Stable water in oil emulsion creates fluid separation challenges, often requiring heat and large separation vessels. Emulsion breaker chemistries accelerate oil-water separation, reduce heating requirements, and minimize vessel retention times. Emulsion breakers are complex fit-for-purpose chemicals designed for specific oil gravities, paraffin and asphaltene contents, solids content, and lift mechanisms. Product selection testing is crucial in emulsion breaker applications, requiring expertise and experience in product formulation and applications. Perfex offers an extensive line of emulsion breaker, combination emulsion breaker/paraffin/asphaltene products and testing services to achieve optimal performance.

paraffin &asphaltenes

Paraffin and asphaltenes are natural components of crude oil and are marketable byproducts. As these hydrocarbons are produced from the reservoir to surface conditions, paraffin and asphaltenes can precipitate on well tubulars and surface equipment, causing flow restrictions, well plugging, and equipment deposition. Understanding problematic paraffin and its wax appearance temperature is key to preventing and remediating the problem. Paraffin can be remediated or inhibited with paraffin solvents, dispersants, and inhibitors. Similarly, asphaltenes can be remediated or inhibited with asphaltene solvents, dispersants, and inhibitors. Combination paraffin/asphaltene and emulsion/paraffin/asphaltene products are also utilized where preferable. Perfex offers a full suite of paraffin and asphaltene control products, with focus on innovative chemistries and unique treatment methodologies.


Natural gas often contains undesirable, corrosive components – including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen that reduce the value of natural gas or make natural gas unmarketable. Perfex offers a complete line of H2S, CO2, and oxygen scavengers, including innovative H2S scavengers that do not require the contact time of traditional products or create undesirable solid triazine byproducts.


Perfex offers a full suite of products to protect gas, water, and oil Pipelines, combined with our Pipeline Risk Assessment (PRA) program to evaluate, understand, and mitigate risks. Internal corrosion risks are highly dependent on acid gases, bacteria populations, flow regimes, and velocity. The Perfex Pipeline Risk Assessments allow operators to fully understand their risks and make decisive treatment decisions.


Produced water often creates challenges with mineral scale, corrosion, oil content, solids deposition, toxicity for surface/platform discharge and waterflood/disposal reinjection.  Perfex takes a unique approach for salt water disposal (SWD) wells and injection wells, focusing on well longevity and injectivity preservation. Perfex offers a targeted line of products to protect and preserve injection wells. We also offer products for use in surface discharge and open water discharge to achieve environmental specifications.

gas welldeliquificationfoamers

Liquid loading of a gas well is the inability of the produced gas to remove the produced liquids from the wellbore. Under this condition, produced liquids will accumulate in the wellbore, leading to reduced production, acceleration of the decline curve, and ultimately result in minimized returns. The application of an effective foamer can help free flowing and plunger lift wells more effectively lift liquid, thereby unloading the backside fluid. In addition, foamers are often combined with corrosion and solids mitigation chemistries to treat multiple challenges with one product. Proper product design, performance testing, and application are essential in foamer selection. Perfex offers a highly cost-effective line of foamer combination products, including solid (soap sticks) and liquid foamers.

completions &stimulation

Perfex offers a full suite of acidization, completions, and stimulation products to optimize flowback, increase production, prevent formation damage, and extend well decline curves. Beyond commodity acids, specialty product formulations including wetting agents, microemulsion surfactants, iron sulfide/polymer dissolvers and dispersant allow for optimal well stimulation and enhanced production.

disinfectants &sanitizers

Due to the heightened demand for disinfectants and hand sanitizers, Perfex now offers EPA approved, List-N registered disinfectants approved against SARS-CoV 2 and WHO and FDA approved hand sanitizers.

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