The digitaloilfield

The International Energy Agency estimates that oil and gas companies could lower their production costs by 10-20 percent “simply” by making more widespread use of the digital technologies already in existence. Options are available for implementing powerful new digital systems for real-time surveillance, optimized field operations, and predictive modeling. This results in enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced costs. The digital oilfield is no longer a distant whisper from the future. It’s here, it’s critical, and we can help!


Investing in the implementation of digital technologies is a challenge, and many providers continue to utilize the same antiquated systems and processes that have been used for decades. The complexity and lack of transparency of chemical programs often result in additional operational costs for the continuous monitoring and performance verification of chemical services.

Perfex has invested significantly in digitizing our delivery, data management, and chemical monitoring processes and systems. Our customers have unparalleled visibility into their chemical programs and day-to-day operations. We utilize a cloud-based ERP system and digital logistics platform in conjunction with mobile applications. This provides real-time geolocation of all Perfex personnel and equipment, including delivery vehicles and tank locations. In addition, Perfex provides remote chemical tank level monitoring systems. Our platform displays daily chemical usage and rate deviations, along with low-level alarms, via text and email. The web-based data visualization dashboard allows the chemical charter team to monitor inventory, consumption, and other critical key performance indicators in real-time.

The fully digitized system significantly reduces total operating costs, production risks, and personnel exposure to potential hazards associated with inefficient operations and manual inventory management. Coordination of these systems provides complete transparency of services, including validation of deliveries (e.g., photographs of volume in the bulk tank after delivery and geotagged delivery to provide a three-way validation match). Our experience has proven that these digital solutions, combined with The Perfex Approach, can significantly reduce over or under treatment – in some cases >50%.  

The most dangerous phrase in business – “We’ve always done it this way.” NOW is the time for positive change – #itstimeforsomethingdifferent.

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